A mandala art


6″ X 6″ (15 cm X 15 cm) a black paper drawn with gel ink ballpoint pens

January 2020 worked

I had a car accident in June 2019.

During recovery, I encouraged very much by many beautiful artworks, paints, drawings, and music.

I sensed a lot of beautiful joyful essences from each artworks, they gave me hope, encouragements, joy, love, humor, and so on.

I have inspired art is very powerful to heal my heart.

Therefore, I expressed the beauty of each artworks with gratefulness in this mandala art.

You can watch how much sparkle this mandala art is via YouTube video.

Every artworks are very beautiful.

If you have any passion to arts, just express your heart, beauty! It’s truly gift in the world.


Here is making progress of mandala art “Sparkle”. Sorry it’s in Japanese only.



A mandala art (Original)


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