“Holy Grail”

mandala art holy grail

A mandala art

“Holy Grail”

10″ X 10″ (25cm X 25cm)  a black paper drawn with gel ink ball point pens

April 2019 worked


The Holy Grail is a treasure that serves as an important motif in Arthurian literature. Different traditions describe it as a cup, dish or stone with miraculous powers that provide happiness, eternal youth or sustenance in infinite abundance, often in the custody of the Fisher King. The term “holy grail” is often used to denote an elusive object or goal that is sought after for its great significance.

from Wikipedia “Holy Grail”

On this mandala art, “Holy Grail” means our sacred heart.

Our true nature is universal love, it holds everything with unconditional love.

the edge image of mandala art holy grail

On this mandala art, lotus flowers, white birds, fish, tree and leaves, waves, and everything in the world are drawn.

This artwork holds everything in the world with unconditional love.

That’s true “Holy Grail”. It’s our human sacred heart.

one small mandala of mandala art holy grail

Four small mandalas means props to support the large mandala as a center cup. It’s light of love.

“Holy Grail” shows our human divine nature.


The day I finished this artwork was the last day of “Heisei” which was Japanese era.

New age “Reiwa” has started.

I would love to dedicate this artwork to the new age with prayer,

“We awake our true nature, and love everything in the world unconditionally peacefully.”


mandala art holy grail

A mandala art (Original)

“Holy Grail”



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